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Weather you are new to tennis or an advanced competitor, the West Hants Club offers a complete programme to improve your game. Whether it is through instruction and competition, or through a chance to play for fun and socialise with fellow players, we are your premiere tennis destination.
The Club Tennis Programme caters for all standards and ages from 3 years olds in Mini Tennis Tots through to advanced performers in the adult ranks. Choose from a variety of options such as individual lessons, pay and play sessions or social events. For more structured learning, we offer high quality courses and a comprehensive junior programme. The team of over 10 full time LTA qualified coaches deliver sessions 7 days a week. There are over 25 different courses for Juniors and over 10 courses for Adults to choose from, which you can sign up for in advance and run for a minimum 10 week term. There are also 10 Junior pay and play sessions and 8 adult pay and play sessions throughout the week where players can just turn up on the day and play.
We offer private lessons for one-to-one or a group of up to four players. Lesson can be booked directly with a Member of the West Hants Coaching Team or via the Director of Tennis who will allocate a suitable Coach accordingly. Prices are based on the experience and qualifications of each Coach.
Pay and Play sessions are drop-in sessions held throughout the year. Participants can drop in or book their spot up to two weeks in advance and you simply pay when you play. For Juniors the Club offers Pay and Play sessions throughout al levels of the Junior Programme. Sessions for Adults cover a variety of options which include Ladies Mornings and Men’s Hitters.
Term courses offer the player a chance to really focus on their game. Term course are run 3 times a year, run in line the school terms and are generally between 11 and 13 weeks weeks in duration with a break for half terms and holidays. Courses are run by West Hants Coaches on the indoor courts. Courses for Juniors are run at all levels of Mini Tennis, from Mini Tots (age 3-5) up to Mini Green (age 9-11), and for older Juniors (age 10-16). Club courses for Adults start at beginner level (white) and progress through to advanced club players (blue). However there are two levels above this for higher level players graded pink and black. Sign-up for these course is all done at Reception and Coaches will recommend the course most suitable for you.
New members are welcome to a free assessment with one of the West Hants Coaching Team who will advise them on which course or session is most suitable for their standard of play. The club has a grading system for Adults (see below) where you will be given a colour, based on your ability. These colours provide a guide on your playing standard and the course and tournaments which you will be best suited to. Assessments can be booked via the Director of Tennis or a Reception.
As below plus playing regular top team, county level and reaching the latter stages of club tournaments.
As below plus have the ability to create good racket head speed/control on strokes when applicable. Be fully competent in all areas - technically and physically fit to cover all game situations.
As below plus be able and competent to hit lobs, smashes, half volleys, second serves. Showing the technical ability to defend, build and attack and knowing tactically when to do so.
As below plus execute more advanced court positioning for doubles. Technically starting to develop and understand different spins on ground strokes and 1st & 2nd serves. Ability to analyse opponents’ game and react appropriately both tactically and socially & displaying good sporting conduct.
As below plus demonstrating a basic understanding of tactical intentions. To start to link in lobs and smashes to the basic shots and game situation. Have a basic understanding of grips for improved technique.
As below plus to improve the shape on basic shots (inc. ground strokes/serves & volleys) and begin to construct longer rallies and have a greater understanding of court etiquette and each player’s role on a doubles court.
As below plus the understanding of positioning on a doubles court & rotations. To be able to sustain a short rally from the baseline and to know how to score.
To begin to understand and demonstrate the basic shots (serve, ground strokes & volley), tactics of the game (i.e. over & in, moving opponent, court position) and to be aware of court etiquette.
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